Here we will be updating you on the most frequently asked questions from our customers.


What does the system to in self-consumption applications

When applied in self-consumption applications, the ECpv will control the power output of the PV plant in a way that the produced power will never be larger than the load it is feeding. This will ensure that no power is fed into the public grid.

This is possible even by multiple connections to the public grid.

It can be in a simple rooftop installation where all PV power is being fed in at a single point.

Or more advanced installations where the PV power is being fed in at multiple points. Such applications can be a factory site or campus where multiple rooftop plants are combined into one installation.

In case the ECpv loses control of the PV power, the ECpv can trip a relay, de-coupling the PV plant completely until control is re-established.

How much fuel can I save?

Like many other things, this depends widely on your load curves, installed gensets and PV plant. The ECpv will at all times cover as much of the load as possible with solar. In theory, PV penetration can be as much as = load - minimum genset load. This will often be up to 70%. But as we all know, the sun has it´s own limited operating hours and performance and your plant probably still has a load at night, means the average PV penetration in total will often be close to 20% of the diesel.

This same scenario also counts for other PV genset control providers in the market.

Thus we advise people to carefully design and calculate your plants before moving ahead with promises - or seek out professional consultancy.

How can I buy?

You can, as a company, buy directly from ENcombi or from one of our dealers.

How do you ship products?

We ship our products worldwide at cost. If you desire to arrange transport at your own expense - this is also OK.

How can I get support?

ENcombi´s support email is Here you can get email support on a day to day basis. Furthermore, our dealers will be trained and ready for assisting you also.

Do you have a webshop?

No. At this point, you will have to get in contact with us at for all purchases.