Carefully designed, easy to use software completely universally interfacing with power meters, inverters and generator controllers you will find in most sites. Easy for brown and green fields.

Main features

  • Stepless inverter power and reactive power control and monitoring via communication
  • Universal interface to inverters, power meters and generator controllers
  • Simulation for calculating and training in a safe environment
  • Consumption, production and PV performance monitoring and reporting
  • Alarms and reports via email
  • Available as DIN rail mounted or as a ready to use solution

Grid connected applications

  • Fixed active and reactive power control to grid
  • Self consumption
  • Grid feed in protection relay

Genset applications

  • Genset reverse power protection relay
  • Minimum load protection on gensets
  • Genset management: start / stop of gensets



Through ECcloud you can monitor your plant's performance from any mobile device or PC. You can even share access with your service partners & colleagues 


More details can be found in the Application Guides ↓

Power Export Control

Any combination of up to 16 utilities, 16 PV feeders


Any combination of up to 16 utilities, 16 PV feeders and 16 gensets

Microgrid / ESS

Any combination of up to 16 gensets, 32 solar inverters, 1 BESS and 16 grids

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