The easy to use solution for on and off-grid energy management of microgrids


ECpvX is a scalable and universal microgrid control platform that is easy to use

Microgrid plants in need of safe and flexible operations is the perfect match for the ENcombi ECpvX microgrid controller. ECpvX features a communication line directly interfacing to the solar inverters and to the battery energy management system (BESS). With this - the ECpv dynamically controls the power output of all solar inverters and your BESS in the system in a linear and precise double decimal resolution.

The ECpvX is applied in applications that require:

  • Genset parallel operation with BESS and Solar plants
  • Grid parallel operation with BESS and Solar plants
  • Off-grid plants, with a grid forming BESS plant

The ECpvX support any combination of genset, solar, BESS and grid power and can be expanded over time - e.g. PV/genset as initial operation and then later the same plant can be upgraded with BESS systems.

BESS systems connected to the ECpvX platform can be AC as well as DC coupled.

Reading the power produced from the solar inverters is done via a communication line to a power meter or the solar inverters own measurements. The BESS is monitored over communication and the gensets should feature either an ECpv compatible genset controller or a power meter. The power flow in and out from the public utility is also measured via a power meter if desired / power export control is a requirement.

In off grid applications, the ECpv can enable a spinning reserve in combination with a wide range of synchronizing genset controllers. The BESS can in off-grid mode either be used as a power source to assist in spinning reserve or as a grid forming energy source.

The ECpv supports breaker feedback from digital inputs as well as relay outputs. This could e.g. be applied in a Zero Export application or in case of a severe reverse power is being fed to the gensets. This will trip the solar breaker should there be power exported / reverse power fed to the gensets and inverters are not responding.

Finally, the ECpv Modbus Slave port can also be used for external master control if you want to pair it with a PLC or SCADA system.

A single line example can be found here for an ECpvX application:

Microgrid SLD

All set up and onsite monitoring are done using our easy-to-use ECweb software.

The site data is freely accessible to read out via Modbus from your ECpvX. The ECpv Modbus data will always be uniform for every site, no matter which brand and model of solar inverter and power meters you are using in the application.

When the ECpv is connected to the internet, it can produce consumption and production reports with values in terms of kilowatts, penetration, fuel-saving, charging/discharging, PV curtailments and performance ratio - but also report on financial performances.

In addition to live monitoring via ECweb and sharing live data via Modbus. The ECpvX also logs plant data on SD card or USB - enabling a lifetime of logging directly in the unit, which you can utilize for your own analysis. Moreover, all data the ECpvX reads - it can export to our ECcloud, FTP or MySQL databases, you can read much more about data acquisition and monitoring on our monitoring page. Remote service access is possible through our EClink service

ECpvX ECcloud EXEC

ECpv S, M and L covers any size of solar plant and can easily interface to any genset controllerpower meter, Battery Energy Storage System and solar inverter. Check out the full list of supported models on the ECpv product page



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