Site Assessment

Use ECassessment as your sizing tool and as a digital twin for your running plants

Use ECassessement to perform feasibility studies of adding PV to your site or use it as a digital twin to compare the expected and actual performance of a site already registered in ECloud.

  • The control dynamics of the actual ECpv controller and its associated settings. 
  • Use data from ECcloud, PVsyst or upload your own dataset in csv file format.
  • Base irradiance and temperatures on various models in case they are not part of your data set
  • Same graphical data representation and reporting as known from ECcloud making it easy to compare assessments with real site performance.
ECassessment - excecutive

The ECassessment can be loaded with data from our ECcloud or from CSV files that you upload to the ECassessment tool. 

ECassessment - Cloudlogs
ECassessment - CSVlogs


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ECassessment Manual

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