Input / Output Modules


Whether you need to read data from analogue sensors, send relay out commands to start gensets plants or get breaker position feedbacks in more complex applications - the range of IO modules supplied by ENcombi can increase your plant flexibility and features.

All models (besides the MRE models) connect via any of the two Modbus RTU ports of your ENcombi controller and comes in the following variants:


  • EX1600DD - 16 Digital Inputs
  • EX0008DD -  8 Digital outputs
  • EX1608DD - 16 Digital inputs / 8 digital outputs
  • EX04AIS - 4 Analogue inputs*
  • EX04AIO - 4 Analogue in or outputs (configurable)*
  • MRE-4/24 - 4 High current relay output
  • MRE-8/24 - 8 High current relay output


*Analogue inputs only supported in the ECcubeX/ECpvX controller