Is the ENcombi plug and play HMI operator control and monitoring interface. Connect with any of the ECpv variants out of the box. No need for customization or application design - all has been made ready for you!

In the ECpanel you have access to set control values in your ECpv directly.

You will be able to monitor your inverters, power meters and gensets in real-time values and via the builtin 24h trend curves for load, production, and consumption.

Main Features

  • Plant start/stop
  • Plant overview
  • Individual overview pages for
    • Solar inverters
    • Power meters
    • Genset Controller
  • 24h trend curves for
    • Power
    • Load
    • Plane of array
    • Power references
  • 365 days of historical data logged on SD card in CSV format
  • 100.000 Events and alarm log

The hardware is a high quality, fast and cost-efficient unit which you can build into your own cabinet - or as a part of our ECcube offering.

Should you wish to receive a screen in a different size or with different functionality - contact us for an offer for a customized screen.


ECpanel 7: 7" HMI touch interface

ECpanel X: Customized screens on request



ECpv / ECpvH controllers

ECpv / ECpvH Logger: Logs data from utility, gensets and PV inverters.

ECpv / ECpvH Solar: Only PV control. Inverter power unlimited

ECpv / ECpvH SPV/Genset. Inverter power up to 100KW

ECpv / ECpvH M: PV/Genset. Inverter power up to 500KW

ECpv / ECpvH L: PV/Genset. Inverter power unlimited

ECpvX controllers

ECpvX Logger: Logs data from utility, gensets, BESS and PV inverters.

ECpvX Solar: Only PV and BESS control and logging. Inverter power unlimited

ECpvX S: PV/Genset/grid and logging. PV Inverter and BESS power up to 100KW each

ECpvX M: PV/Genset/grid and logging. PV Inverter and BESS power up to 500KW each

ECpvX L: PV/Genset/grid and logging. PV Inverter and BESS power unlimited






Need remote monitoring as well?

Check out our ECcloud remote cloud monitoring