If you do not have a cabinet in which to place your ECpv of choice - or simply want the easiest option. We have designed the ECcube.

Ready to use at site, you only have to mount a power cable and communication cables through the bottom plate.


  • ECcube2 Logger. Logs data from gensets, grid and inverters
  • ECcube2 Solar. Power Plant Control (Zero Export)
  • ECcube2 S (PV/genset up to 100KW inverter power)
  • ECcube2 M (PV/genset up to 500KW inverter power)
  • ECcube2 L (PV/genset for unlimited inverter power)

Variants for On-grid Hybrid Inverters

  • ECcubeH Logger. Logs data from gensets, grid and inverters
  • ECcubeH Solar. Power Plant Control (Zero Export)
  • ECcubeH S (PV/genset up to 100KW inverter power)
  • ECcubeH M (PV/genset up to 500KW inverter power)
  • ECcubeH L (PV/genset for unlimited inverter power)

Variants for Microgrid control

  • ECcubeX Logger: Logs data from utility, BESS, gensets and PV inverters.
  • ECcubeX Cluster: Cluster control for multiple BESS
  • ECcubeX Solar: Power plant control / zero export for solar and BESS.
  • ECcubeX S: Microgrid up to 100kW BESS and 100kW PV inverter
  • ECcubeX M: Microgrid up to 500kW BESS and 500kW PV inverter
  • ECcubeX L: Microgrid unlimited BESS and PV inverter capacity


  • Ready assembled switchboard inlcuding the ECpv
  • 4 port switch for easy connection into your network
  • Marked cable connectors making it simple and fail safe to connect




ECcube interface schematic

Schematic - ECcube2 / ECcubeH Interface

Schematic - ECcubeX Interface

Solar Inverters

SunSpec: Fronius, KACO, SMA (STP) , Huawei (Sun2000), Delta (RPIh7/10) and Solvia, Fimer (ABB) (Trio 50/60, PVS100/120, Uno), REFUsol (8k to 100K)

Non SunSpec: Delta Solvia, SolarEdge, Huawei Smartlogger (multiple units supported), Huawei SUN2000-8-28ktl, 33-42ktl, 50-75ktl, Fimer (ABB) Trio 8,5 - 27,6, Sungrow SG series and COM100E (Logger 1000 + Logger 3000 - multiple units supported). Schneider Conext CL36 - CL125, Growatt & Growatt MAX, Sofar Solar 1-40 / 50-70 & 80 - 136, KSTAR, Ginlong Solis, Polycab, Kehua SPI-B, GoodWe, AISWEI Solplanet, INVT & INVT XG, Chint CPS 14-36kw & CPS SCA 18-36 kw, WEG 750SIW, DEYE, SMA Data Manager, SOLAX X3 MEGA, SOLAX X3 FORTH

On-Grid Hybrid Inverters

 Goodwe ET-series, Voltronic InfiniSolar

BESS Systems

Megarevo TS-series

Sinexcel PWS-2. PWS-1, PWG-2

Sicon GRES


Moura BESS

Sungrow CP129 CP50-HV

Cubenergy PowerCombo 20C1H1000K

NR PCS-9765


Genset Controllers

Cummins PC2.X, PC3.x

Caterpillar EMCP4

DeepSea GenComm (genset, grid and BTB)

DEIF ML-2 (genset, grid and BTB), CGC 400

ComAp InteliSys, InteliGen, InteliCompact, AMF20, AMF25, InteliLite9

Woodward EasyGen 2000, EasyGen 3000, Easygen 3000XT, LS5

Smartgen: HGM400-series, HGM7X00, HGM9X00

Lovato RGK60

Sices GC310, GC350, GC500, MC100

Kohler/SDMO APM802

Power Meters

Pilot SPM 32, SPM 33, PMAC770

Accuvim L, EV300

Schneider EM64XX, PM1200, PM2XXX, PM5100, 5300, 5500

Entes EMP-07S

Janitza UMG96RM (all Janitza)


Phoenix EEM-EM3XX, EMpro

Eastron SDM630, X96-series

Klemsan Ercas, Krea & Powys

Socomec Diris A40

Chint DTSU666

ABB M4M 20, M4M 30

Secure Meters 440, 300

Algodue UPM209

Circutor CVM C4

Carlo Gavazzi EM330


Lettel MCX-34V

Acrel ADL3000-E

Selec MFM384

SMA Datamanager

Huawei Smartlogger



MeteoControl Si-RS485TC-2T-MB


Sungrow PC-4

Rainwise PV-MET-100-2

Soluzione Solar LiteMeter Pro, SunMeter Pro. Envmeter Pro, SunMeter Pro Wind, Windmeter

Hukseflux SR05

Kipp Zonen SMP-series

BDsensor DCL531 (fuel sensor)


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