Is the ENcombi plug-and-play controller for PV and PV-Hybrid plants with on-grid Hybrid inverters.

Connect with on-grid hybrid inverters, genset controllers and power meters via RS-485 or TCP/IP and have full control of your grid export / self-consumption and safely run your gensets off-grid parallel to the solar plant, saving you fuel.

For applications with a combined layout of on-grid and on-grid hybrid inverters. You can also utilize the ECpvH and even have two brands of inverters in the same applicatioj

Using the ECpanel, you have a plug-and-play HMI operator panel without doing any application programming.

Setup and monitoring are easily done via the ECweb, describing every step of the setup and providing you with a wide range of monitoring and reports - run it on your PC or on mobile devices. With the new EClogic feature, you can program custom logic - a simple and powerful tool.

Use the ECcloud remote monitoring system web app for live and historical data visualization and analysis of your PV and PV-Genset plants. You can get to try it out for a full 90 days free of charge when purchasing any ECpv variant

The hardware is a high-quality, fast and extremely compact unit allowing you to fit it into almost any electrical cabinet at your site when doing brownfield projects.

As standard, the unit covers up to 16 on-grid hybrid inverters, 16 PV feeders, and 16 mains connections in all variants, and up to 16 gensets in all PV/Genset variants



ECpvH Logger: Logs data from utility, gensets and PV inverters.

ECpvH Solar: Only PV control. Inverter power unlimited

ECpvH S: PV/Genset. Inverter power up to 100KW

ECpvH M: PV/Genset. Inverter power up to 500KW

ECpvH L: PV/Genset. Inverter power unlimited


Downloads & Tutorials



ECpvH interface schematic

Schematic - ECpvH Interface

Solar Hybrid On-Grid Inverters

Goodwe: ET Series, Voltronic: InfiniSolar

Other inverters will be added over time - feel free to request specific variants at

Solar Inverters

SunSpec: Fronius, KACO, SMA (STP) , Huawei (Sun2000), Delta (RPIh7/10) and Solvia, Fimer (ABB) (Trio 50/60, PVS100/120, Uno), REFUsol (8k to 100K)

Non SunSpec: Delta Solvia, SolarEdge, Huawei Smartlogger, Huawei SUN2000-8-28ktl, 33-42ktl, 50-75ktl, Fimer (ABB) Trio 8,5 - 27,6, Sungrow SG series and COM100E. Schneider Conext CL36 - CL125, Growatt & Growatt MAX, Sofar Solar 1-40 / 50-70, KSTAR, Ginlong Solis, Polycab, Kehua SPI-B, GoodWe, AISWEI Solplanet, INVT

Genset Controllers

Cummins PC2.X, PC3.x

Caterpillar EMCP4

DeepSea GenComm (genset, grid and BTB)

DEIF ML-2 (genset, grid and BTB), CGC 400

ComAp InteliSys, InteliGen, InteliCompact, AMF20, AMF25, InteliLite9

Woodward EasyGen 2000, EasyGen 3000

Smartgen: HGM400-series

Lovato RGK60

Sices GC310, GC350, GC500

Power Meters

Pilot SPM 32, SPM 33

Accuvim L, EV300

Schneider EM64XX, PM1200, PM2XXX, PM5100, 5300, 5500

Entes EMP-07S

Janitza UMG96RM


Phoenix EEM-EM3XX, EMpro

Eastron SDM630

Klemsan Ercas, Krea & Powys

Socomec Diris A40

Chint DTSU666

ABB M4M 20, M4M 30

Secure Meters 440, 300

Algodue UPM209

Circutor CVM C4

Carlo Gavazzi EM330



MeteoControl Si-RS485TC-2T-MB


Sungrow PC-4

Soluzione Solare LiteMeter Pro, SunMeter Pro

Hukseflux SR05